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Neighbors Episode Guide

Complete Listing

Season 1 - The Beginning

  1. The beginning
  2. The auditions
  3. The first rehearsal
  4. The second rehearsal
  5. The Allegra Dance Troop and the Byram Archibald Neighborhood Center
  6. The third rehearsal
  7. The fourth rehearsal
  8. The finale & the future

Season 2 - In Philadelphia

  1. The beginning of our Journey to Philadelphia
  2. Setting the stage for our trips to the neighborhood centers
  3. The Rivera Recreational Center
  4. The Nelson Playground
  5. The Towey Playground
  6. The Finale and an introduction to Season 3

Season 3 - Bullying and the Chess Song

  1. The beginning of our exploration of Bullying and Chess.  An introduction through the eyes of the King
  2. The Pawn - Friend and Social Peers
  3. The Bishop
  4. The Knight
  5. The Rook - Coming Soon
  6. The Queen - Coming Soon

Due to the emotional and personal nature of Season 3 the final two episodes are still under production.  We hope to have them done as soon as possible so we can finish the important story we embarked upon.

Season 4 - Fun with Chess

  1. The Pawn & Bishop
  2. The Knight & Rook
  3. The Queen & King